Kurt Busch will drive a special car in Charlotte

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Kurt Busch will drive a car with “Window of Hope”

Kurt Busch drove 750 races in Las Vegas last weekend. Busch will drive another important race next month. The race in Charlotte will provide support to all women battling breast cancer. The 2004 champion presented a special car that will drive on the track in Charlotte. On his Monster Energy Chevrolet Camaro, we will have the opportunity to see pink nets on the windows.

It is with this detail that Busch wants to draw attention to a vicious disease that unfortunately, more and more women are struggling with. Kurt got the inspiration to support in this way from his fan. He symbolically called the nets “Window of Hope”. He also offered other teams in the NASCAR Cup Series to set up the aforementioned nets. One of his fans came up with the idea to provide support to people suffering from the mentioned disease in this way.

Kurt Busch respected the fan

Two years ago, he received a letter from a young man. It’s Mason Bradley. He is a great admirer of the character and work of Kurt Busch. He hoped then that one day he would have a chance to meet his idol. In the letter, he drew the car of a veteran of this sport. He told him that the windows could be pink. Bradley has a person in his family who is battling breast cancer. It is about his mother, whose disease is in remission. In this way, he wanted to pay tribute to his mother and all other people who are struggling with a vicious disease.

The message reached Busch and eventually, the pink nets became a reality. Last year, this idea did not come to life, but we will have the opportunity to see pink nets at the race in Charlotte. All fans can support the NASCAR project, which aims to help people with breast cancer. Drivers will sign the pink window nets so they will be redeemed at auctions. All money collected will be donated to an adequate purpose. It will be just one in a series of humanitarian actions by NASCAR. This gesture is really to be commended.

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