Byron and Bowman below the cutline

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Byron and Bowman had a bad weekend

Byron and Bowman didn’t have much success last weekend in Las Vegas. They had a lot of problems that kept them from recording better results. Byron currently has 4 points less than the driver above the cutline. Bowman has 9 points less than Byron. Byron started from the back after the pre-inspection. He managed to break into the top 10 but had problems with the right front wheel. In the end, the mentioned driver took only 18th place.

“We were able to drive all the way back to the front from the back again, so that was twice today,” “And then we had the flat tire. We had an awesome car. The No. 24 Axalta Chevrolet was amazing. I think it was right there with the No. 11 (Hamlin). We’ll just have to keep bringing that speed.”

Bowman disappointed, Byron believes in better results

Alex Bowman did not achieve better placement in the race either. He also had problems with tires and finished the race in only 22nd place.

“We weren’t great,” Bowman said. “The Stage 2 strategy just didn’t work out for us and it put us in a tough spot there to start Stage 3. The valve stem got knocked off on a pit stop and the rest is history. Not a good day on any aspects. We had a decent car, we just didn’t have the pit road strategy we needed.”

Both drivers had problems with pit stops that were not done properly. This greatly influenced their final ranking. Byron believes he could get better placement in the next race at Talladega.

“Just be aggressive. I was aggressive all day today and passed a ton of cars,” Byron said. “Just be as aggressive as I’ve been on the speedways in the past. We won a race on a superspeedway last year and I feel like we can do it again. The Roval is a good track for us too, so we’ll see what happens.”

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