Ryan Blaney

Ryan Blaney on his chances for the title

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Ryan Blaney has confidence

Ryan Blaney currently ranks fourth in the Playoff. He managed to achieve several victories this season. Blaney managed to win the races at Daytona International Speedway. In addition, he won at Atlanta Motor Speedway. He also celebrated at the race at Michigan International Speedway. The competition for the title is very strong, but Blaney has the necessary confidence. He believes in himself, even though several guys have won titles for the competitors. Blaney has so far failed to do so.

“We have to find a tiny bit of speed, I think, to compete with a couple of the teams out there,” Blaney said. “But I think as a whole, we’re really close. “This 12 group can do it, and I just keep stressing that if we do our jobs like I know we can, like I know all the guys on this team can, we can make it to Phoenix and give ourselves a shot at the championship. I’ve got all the confidence in the world in them.”

He currently has 11 points more than drivers who are below the cutline. This season, only two drivers have achieved more victories than Blaney. These are the top two drivers in the overall standings, Kyle Larson and Martin Truex Jr. Given that he has achieved enviable results this season, Blaney has every right to hope that he could win the title.

Ryan Blaney has good chances

This year, he achieved a number of victories that is equal to the total number of victories he has achieved in the previous four years. He is certainly not the first favorite for the title, but he could try to reach the title from the shadows. By the end of the season and the finals in Pheonix, we will be watching six more races. Blaney has a good chance of making it to the next round of the playoffs. He gained the necessary experience to compete for the title.

“Before the Cup Series, like running late models when younger or even in Xfinity or Trucks, you can kind of rely on your heavy right-foot mentality and your driving to get you through,” 

“But then you get to the Cup Series and everyone’s so good, everybody’s ability is so good, that you have to figure out different ways to beat them, right? Sometimes you can’t outdrive them. Sometimes they’re just better that day. And you have to be able to outthink them.”

We will watch another interesting race in Las Vegas on Sunday. We will see how Blaney manages, who is given a fair chance to win 14-1.

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