Kyle Larson dirt racing experience

Kyle Larson on his dirt racing experience helping him win the race at Bristol

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As a prolific dirt racing driver, Kyle Larson was certainly the favourite to win the playoffs race at Bristol Motor Speedway.

After he was suspended by NASCAR in April 2020, Larson spent most of his time participating and mostly winning most of the dirt track events. So, the experience would certainly be a plus for Bristol.

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The Hendrick Motorsports driver did in fact won the race but it needed a little help from his teammate Chase Elliott to win the race. In a Q&A session, Larson was asked about his dirt experience helped him save his car, to which he replied:

“I don’t know if it definitely helped or not, but I don’t think it hurt. For sure, having the dirt experience and being able to save it, it’s hard to say. I think everybody is really talented in the series and probably could have saved it as well. Just kind of lucked out where it all got situated straight once I got it in the banking and we’re still able to make a good corner.”

After winning the regular season championship, Larson already has one playoff race win, taking his tally of the season to six wins. He sits comfortably in the first position in the standing after the first round of the playoffs with 3059 points.

His resurgence after last year’s suspension has been nothing but spectacular. The No. 5 driver was never better poised to win the Cup Series championship in his career.

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