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Joey Gase pays tribute to donors in Las Vegas

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Joey Gase with the special car in Las Vegas

Joey Gase will pay tribute to the humane people at the race in Las Vegas. His car will have a special look this coming weekend. Gase wants to thank a certain number of people who donate organs in a unique way. We will be able to see the names of 5 local organ donors on his car. This project is working in collaboration with the Nevada Donor Network.

The mentioned driver has a very interesting life story. That story encouraged him to participate in this humanitarian action. His mother passed away about ten years ago. After her death, her organs were donated. This saved several lives. Two years later, Gase concluded cooperation with the mentioned network. Since then, he has participated in numerous humanitarian actions. Its goal is to draw attention to the importance of organ donation.

Joey Gase and organ donation

This will be just another opportunity to encourage other people to think about organ donation. It will be repaid to several people who participated in that process. In that way, Gase will certainly be the winner of this race. No matter where he ended up in the end. It is common knowledge that drivers participate in numerous humanitarian actions. That is certainly to be commended. This sport is extremely popular. That is a great opportunity to promote true human values. We will also be able to see a lot of touching messages on the car.

The race in Las Vegas always has a special significance for the Gase. A decent number of people in Nevada participated in organ donation. Many people still do not have knowledge about the importance of this act. People who donate organs are true heroes and we need to pay more attention to them.

“I am so thankful to Nevada Donor Network for teaming up with us this weekend. So we can not only race, but, more importantly, raise awareness for organ, eye and tissue donation and honor all of these incredible heroes,” said Gase.

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