Can Larson win another victory?

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Larson dominates this season

Larson celebrated at the race held in Bristol the previous weekend. He managed to win the last race of the previous round of the playoffs. The second round of the playoffs begins this weekend. Larson is currently leading and bookmakers are giving him a great chance of winning this race as well. The mentioned driver is driving great this season. He set several records in this year’s NASCAR Cup Series season. By the way, he celebrated in Las Vegas at the race that was held this spring. That is why he is currently given the best chances for a new victory.

“It’s nice going back to a track we’ve won at before,” Larson said. “We were really good at Vegas earlier this year so definitely excited to go back and hoping we have similar speed. The temperature will be much warmer this weekend, so that changes things but our team has been really good at adapting to every situation this year.”

Larson broke many records

This season, Larson has achieved as many as six victories. That is the best result in his career. He managed to record the largest number of placements in the top 5 drivers. Larson did it 16 times. He was among the top 10 drivers as many as 21 times. He deservedly leads in the general order. During the season, he led in over 1900 laps in races. It will almost certainly cross the magic limit of 2,000 laps. In the history of NASCAR, only 20 drivers managed to do that. The first driver behind him led almost seven hundred laps less than him. Larson is driving great this season and he certainly wants to be a champion with all his heart.

Of course, it will not be easy for Larson to win again in Las Vegas. Hamlin has not yet won on the mentioned track. He has strong motivation to finally achieve triumph. One should expect a great ride from Keselowski and Logano who know how to win on this track. We should pay attention to the experienced Kevin Harvick as well as to Ryan Blaney.

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