Brexton Busch approaches Joe Gibbs asking for his contract

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The Busch family is on its way to a third generation in motorsports, with Brexton Busch following in his dad Kyle Busch footsteps in more ways than one.

While Brexton Busch might be only six, he is already in the process of becoming a race car driver. He runs races in the junior or beginner class. While the child of the other drivers might be bigger than Busch’s son, there will be a time that all of them will be competing against each other, in the case that they decide to follow same career paths as their fathers’.

Earlier this week Brexton Busch shared to his Instagram asking his dad team owner Joe Gibbs for his professional driver contract at Joe Gibbs Racing (JGB).

Kyle Busch mentoring his son to have a competitive nature

Kurt Busch, 43, has won 33 Cup Series races and the 2004 season championship. Kyle Busch, 36, reached NASCAR’s upper echelon in 2001 and has posted monster numbers: 59 Cup Series victories, 102 in Xfinity cars, and 61 driving trucks. He won Cup Series championships in 2015 and ’19.

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