Kevin Harvick

Kevin Harvick: “Happy” but just off the track

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Kevin Harvick: “Happy”

Kevin Harvick justifies his nickname “Happy” just off the track. Harvick also has the nickname “Closer” because of his driving style. Harvick drives very aggressively every race but off the track, he is extremely kind to people. The internet presentation of his personality also explains why he has the mentioned nickname. “Along the way, he gained a reputation for being aggressive on the track, but off the track, his affable attitude and ever-present smile earned him the nickname ‘Happy.’ “On the other hand, we could often see moments that are not in line with his nickname. We saw what happened last weekend in Bristol. Harvick got into a conflict with Chase Elliot. We couldn’t see Harvick’s recognizable smile then. He wanted with all his heart to win the mentioned race. After the race, he didn’t want to back down in front of Elliot at all.

Kevin Harvick had a lot of conflicts

The mentioned event only reminded us of what happened on the track in the past when it comes to Harvick. In the past, Harvick had a lot of similar duels as the one that happened on Saturday in Bristol. Harvick had a lot of confrontations with drivers during his career. He got into conflicts with Greg Biffle, Ricky Rudd, Juan Pablo Montoya, Joey Logano, Kyle Busch… All these situations are a sufficient indicator of what a gentleman Harvick is. It is not easy to deal with him on the track, and even off it. Everything is of course good until the limit of healthy rivalry is exceeded. It seems that Harvick was in the lead in each of these confrontations.

Harvick is already a veteran in this sport and last year’s champion did not want to give him up. Elliot was furious after being eliminated from a race in which he had a great chance of winning. Chase also had conflicts during his career. He got into confrontations with Hamlin, Logano, Kyle Busch. We will watch seven more races by the end of the season. We expect to see a very exciting and turbulent end to the season.

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