NASCAR Cup Series raced at Bristol Motor Speedway

“Show People What This Racetrack Can Do” – Dale Earnhardt Jr. on the Bristol Motor Speedway

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NASCAR Cup Series raced at Bristol Motor Speedway for the second time this season, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. was pleased with the latest race. 

The first time, drivers race on a dirt track but on the second time they did it on the tarmac surface. Speaking about the racing show at Bristol in the 2021 Cup Series playoffs, Earnhardt Jr. said:

“This used to be our best-selling ticket. Now we’ve come to the point where they think we need to put dirt on top of it to put on a great show. Now we’re back to being able to show people what this racetrack can do.

“It’s amazing to me that as much has happened here tonight in the history of this racetrack. We’ve never replicated it anywhere else.”

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Earnhardt Jr added that the track is unique, old school and drivers’ favourite. As for the tracks for the second round of the playoffs, things are not straightforward as the last one.

“You go to Vegas, mile and half, kind of straightforward. Then throw in Talladega and the Roval, I really don’t know who the favorites are to move forward to Round 2,” Earnhardt Jr. added.

The drivers to be eliminated from the previous round are Tylor Reddick, Aric Almirola, Kurt Busch and Michael McDowell. While all the favourites are still in the playoffs, the competition for the next round will be even more interesting and aggressive.

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