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World Wide Technology Raceway in the 2022 NASCAR cup series calendar

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World Wide Technology Raceway in the 2022 NASCAR calendar

World Wide Technology Raceway will be included in the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series calendar. Owner Curtis Francois worked diligently with his associates to find the track in the NASCAR Cup Series calendar. Over the next week, we will find out about the new Nascar cup series calendar. Information should be published on Wednesday. As a result of the new calendar, we will watch a race at the track in Illinois across the Mississippi River from next year. According to certain sources such as The Sports Business Journal, information about the calendar was published even earlier. St Louis will win the race while it is speculated that Pocono Raceway will lose one race.

Definitely that releasing the race will disappoint fans in Pennsylvania. On the other hand, NASCAR fans will be happy because the race is coming to them. Legendary driver Kenny Wallace also mentioned how important this is for St Louis. Wallace knows how significant the arrival of NASCAR will be for St Louis. Wallace is a local guy after all.

World Wide Technology and a big deal for St. Louis

“This is a really big deal for St. Louis and the surrounding communities. … Our Wallace family grew up racing cars in a ball-and-stick town. Very seldom did we get a lot of love for auto racing. I feel like I’m living a good dream to hear the NASCAR Cup Series is coming to St. Louis. The Cup series is the highest division of motorsports in America.”

We will find out the final race schedule for next season in the NASCAR Cup Series probably next week. From next season, we will have the opportunity to watch the race at the Coliseum in Los Angeles as well. As things stand now from next season we will be watching the race at the World Wide Technology Raceway. Drivers will have a chance to test their driving talent on the track in June next year. This will allow us to watch the best Nascar drivers on another great track.

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