Confederate flag Richmond Raceway

Plane with Confederate flag flew banner over Richmond Raceway

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As NASCAR visited Richmond Raceway for the Xfinity Series race, it was greeted by a confederate flag with the phrase“God Bless Robert E. Lee”.

The evening began in spectacular fashion in the Cup Series race with a tribute to the 20th anniversary of 9/11. However, not everything was spectacular to watch that evening.

Particularly in the South, NASCAR races have seen the presence of confederate flags on the track. However, with the ban of such flags from the racetrack since 2020, many fans are irked by NASCAR’s decision and show their frustration by flying confederate flags over the race track.

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The latest of such frustration was at sight in the Richmond raceway during the Xfinity Series race with a plane circling over the race track. This reaction came in light of Gen. Robert E. Lee statue being removed by the City of Richmond, the former capital city of the Confederate.

While it is not sure who piloted the plane or paid for the act, but it could be the Sons of Confederate Veterans, who did take credit for a similar incident in the past.

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