Alex Bowman dissatisfied with the results of Hendrick Motorsports

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Bowman provided bad performances

Bowman is very close to elimination from the playoffs. He currently shares 12. position with Kurt Busch. Hendrick Motorsports did not record satisfactory results in the playoffs. In the regular part of the season, the mentioned team was much faster. In the playoffs, Joe Gibbs Racing took over the dominance. Only Kyle Larson of Hendrick Motorsports secured a place in the top 12. Larson was the leader in the overall standings in the regular season.

Hendrick Motorsports records disappointing results that frustrate Alex Bowman. Bowman took 12th place in the race in Richmond. In the first race in Darlington, he hit a wall. He certainly has every right to be disappointed with his performances. Bowman is frustrated with his performances as well as the rides of the entire team. On the other hand, he will try to do his best next weekend to be in the top 12.

Bowman believes in better results at Bristol

“(Richmond) could have been way worse for us, but Darlington is just on me. I tried to let (Reddick) go and I drove it straight into the fence instead of on Lap 7,” Bowman said. “When you put yourself in a hole like that, it’s tough to overcome. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a night capable of overcoming that tonight and we’re going to have to go do that (at Bristol). Yeah, it’s a bummer. It puts us in a really tough spot. But when you have these three-round deals, that’s what happens.”

“To be honest, I think the only person I can be frustrated with is myself for hitting the wall early last week. That’s what it all comes down to, and I feel pretty responsible with (Byron) on that front as well. I’ll take the blame on that one. All the haters on Twitter can come at me for that because that’s my fault. I just drove into the wall really early and made a mistake. I think if we have a day like we should have had at Darlington, we’d be fine right now.

“Am I frustrated? Yes. But what am I going to go do? Cry about it for the next seven days until I go to work at Bristol? I’m going to go home and drink some beers, study for a week and try to haul ass at Bristol.”

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