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NASCAR driver retires mid-race due to health concerns

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During the NASCAR Cup Series race at Darlington, Cody Ware had to retire from the race as the driver was suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning and was close to blacking out. 

The situation could have turned out to be worse but luckily Ware bailed out of the race and was taken to the medical centre. There, they gave him a clean bill of health.

It seems that the carbon monoxide poisoning was due to crush panel damage caused by a collision between Ware and teammate James Davison.

However, this is not the first time that Ware suffered such a fate. At the Sonoma Raceway in 2019, Ware had to retire after 64 laps. In the same year in Dover, Denny Hamlin suffered from the same consequences. And once again, it was due to a broken crush panel.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is very dangerous for the health and NASCAR has seen a few incidents involving it. Rick Mast, who had to finish his career due to it, even suggested to then NASCAR president Mike Helton regarding a redesign in cars’ air intake systems.

But given that Ware suffered from the same fate, it seems that much remains to be done in terms of cars’ design.

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