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Ross Chastain: Great success for No.42

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Chastain achieved a great placement

Ross Chastain is probably the biggest winner of the race in Darlington. Many drivers who are candidates for a high ranking have experienced incidents that knocked them out of the race or took extremely low rankings. Chastain took advantage of the mentioned situation and took a great third place.

He achieved the best placement when it comes to drivers who are out of the playoffs. Ross Chastain drove great in this race. At one point was even ahead of Larson. After taking second place in Nashville in July he has now regained a great placement thus showing the days the right way he can deal with the top drivers in the NASCAR cup series.

Ross Chastain repeated the ride from Nashville

(Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)

“It was really cool to say we were close on speed to the 5 car,” Chastain said. “That’s crazy. We were close at Nashville (Superspeedway) and we were close here. Similar package, you know, you see a trend. So, we’ll keep working on that.”

At one point after the restart of the race, Chastain was sixth. He still managed to get back to the very top behind Hamlin and Larson. He took his chance and can be overjoyed with what he did last weekend.

“Earlier in the race, I restarted second next to Kyle and I just lit ’em up and I’ve struggled with that literally my entire career,” Chastain said. “I’ve been working at it but I just didn’t get a good launch, then I was just very paranoid because I was running third, took second, and then I went back to sixth. I thought I would cut my losses the rest of the night. Made a pact with myself then and I had to stick to it because I said I was going to take third if I ever had the opportunity again, and I did.”

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