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Harvick, Busch and Keselowski reflects on the officials’ mistakes this season

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The NASCAR 2021 Cup Series season saw a number of mistakes made by the officials. Cup drivers Kevin Harvick, Kyle Busch and Brad Keselowski spoke about those mistakes made during the season.

Officials are always under pressure to get the right decision but not every time they get it right. With more pressure mounting during the playoffs, the job gets harder.

“You don’t have time to really think about it,” Harvick said. “We’ve definitely seen a lot of mistakes made from the tower this year. The most recent one was at Indy, with the Safety truck in front of Corey LaJoie. It’s unfortunate that that stuff happens, and I don’t think anybody means for this to happen.”

Busch gave his verdict on the officials’ job and said that the people could listen to the drivers and have a number of scanners. He said:

“It’s not like a driver can press a button and call a yellow flag. So, they have to be the ones to call a yellow flag. There’s probably 10 of them sitting up there in the tower during the race. You know damn well they’ve got scanners that they can listen to it.

“Scan your 1 favorite guys every week, you know? I should be one of them, Denny should be one of them, Chase Elliott should be one of them, Larson should be one of them. And if we’re saying something, complaining about something, then you know darn well all of us are going to be saying it around the same time, so you gotta push a button and throw the yellow.”

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As for Keselowski, it is not right to blame the tower too much for the role they play during the Cup races.

“There’s always going to be those moments, little bit of a magnifying lens on the tower for sure, because of, I think, the incident at Circuit of the Americas and an incident at Loudon. Probably a few other ones in between. All in all, I think its genuinely unfair to say that the tower has that much of a role.”

Keselowski added that the tower played a bigger role in the past and that it is a good thing that their role has reduced over the years.

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