Joey Logano 2018 championship bid

“Look at 2018” – Joey Logano drawing inspiration from 2018 championship bid for this season

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The 2018 Cup Series champion Joey Logano believes that one factor in his 2018 championship bid proves that he can win this season.

Logano is one of the 16 drivers seeded for the 2021 Cup Series playoffs, courtesy of his Bristol dirt race win. He is seeded in the ninth position with 2013 points.

While the 2020 champion Chase Elliott and 2021 regular season winner Kyle Larson will be considered favourites to win the championship this season, Logano believes it’s too early to rule him out.

Chase Elliott speaks about his title chances this season

While he may only have one win to his name this season, but he had just one win too in his 2018 season in the regular season. He went on to win the championship that season. So for this season, Logano is drawing inspiration from his past achievement.

“Not exactly, look at 2018. That always kind of keeps me going. We had one win going into the playoffs and won the championship. You can do anything after doing that. Living that and being through it. I know personally that my team can do it. So that doesn’t make me too worried.”

Logano, however, acknowledged that he is not the favourite to win the championship this season. But just like Elliott showed last season, if you hit the top gear in the playoffs, there is always a chance to win the championship.

“We have a shot to win anywhere right now” – Kyle Larson confident about his championship chances

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