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“You can’t go racing just like that” – Joey Logano reflects on COVID-19 Protocols

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Having seen Corey LaJoie miss the Cup Series race at Michigan, Joey Logano has his say on the COVID-19 Protocols.

As per the guidelines, a driver who hasn’t t gotten jabbed has to quarantine for seven days if the person is exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19. While LaJoie insisted that he was fully fit, he had to sit out the race at Michigan due to the regulations.

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The prospect of having to miss races, especially with playoffs looming, is a frightening one for Logano, who wants to make sure that the regulations are followed.

“Corey was exposed, and without having a positive test, you can’t go racing just like that,” Logano said. “Even if you test negative, you can’t come back racing. That doesn’t settle well, I know that. It made all the drivers, I’m sure, very nervous after that, it makes you kind of check up what you’re doing.”

Logano added that after LaJoie situation, he is keeping special attention so as to not miss any races. Another thing that the LaJoie incident did to Logano was to inspire him to get vaccinated. As per the regulations, a driver would only have to sit out 3-5 days if vaccinated if the driver comes in close contact with a person who tested positive for COVID-19.

There is no mandate from NASCAR for the drivers to get vaccinated. Logano too insisted that the decision is personal and that drivers cannot be forced to get vaccinated.

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