Bubba Wallace Indy Road Course

“Glad that s**t is over” – Bubba Wallace in relief after Indy Road Course

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The blue curb in Turn 6 in the inaugural NASCAR Cup race on the Indy Road Course gave Cup drivers a lot of trouble.

The debut road course in NASCAR saw a lot of surprises and chaos in the final laps. One of the talking points was Chase Briscoe taking out Denny Hamlin, who was in course for his first win of the 2021 season.

Another major talking point was the blue curb in Turn 6. This very spot caused three crashes down the stretch in the race, with two of them leading to a red flag.

Chase Briscoe claims lack of information for costing Denny Hamlin the win

With a couple of laps left, race officials deemed it right to remove the curb, but the damage was done. Many drivers expressed their concern and, for Bubba Wallace particularly, relief that the race was over. He tweeted:

“I got a wedding to pay for so I’ll keep quiet.

“Glad that (poop emoji) is over!”

NASCAR vice president of competition Scott Miller responded to the troubles drivers faced but is of the opinion that the road course saw some exciting action.

“Obviously, we had our problems today. We’ll take a lot of learnings away and come back and put on a better event, obviously avoiding the problems we had today. But I think that we saw some exciting action out there and I think that the course itself puts on a really good show.”

11 cars didn’t finish the race and nine of them were involved in crashes. While there might have been entertaining actions but NASCAR would certainly need to find a way for entertainment that doesn’t always involve crashes.

 “You can’t race that way” – Hamlin hit out at Briscoe’s “lack of awareness” for costing him first win of the season

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