NASCAR hiatus

NASCAR drivers love the hiatus and would like it regularly

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Due to the Olympics, NASCAR is having a break and drivers are loving the time, whether to spend more time with their family or having a bit of a rest in a busy season.

After 14 consecutive weeks of racing, the drivers have finally got a break before they go through the final stretches of the season.

Kevin Harvick is happy that he can spend more time with his family, and especially with helping his son in his career in racing.

“I’d rather have a summer break and not have all the breaks at the beginning of the year,” he said about the break.

Harvick added that the break doesn’t just help the driver but all the people related to getting the car ready.

“I’d take it off the front end because everybody’s fresh and energized,” he said of moving the break to the summer months. “I think having this two-week break really allows these guys in the shop and on the road to be able to actually have two, for-sure weeks off that they can plan around. That’s something very important to the families of those individuals.”

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As for Kyle Busch, he would like a regular break so that he can go for summer vacation just like he does in the winter.

“Having an off-week is good,” Busch said. “I think it’s about time for us, a good summer break anyways to be able to go out and do things in the summertime that typically you’d always have to wait for the winter time. I can’t tell you how many winter vacations I’ve been on and places that I’ve gone in December, January versus actually being able to go somewhere far away in July.”

Maybe NASCAR will introduce regular breaks in the summer for the future.

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