Kyle Busch hits back at a Twitter user

Kyle Busch hits back at a fan who criticized his 6-year-old son

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Kyle Busch’s six-year-old son Brexton is following in his father’s footsteps by racing and even winning a lot like his father.

He has already won a lot of races in the Beginner Box Stock series, which is a series held at different 1/6-mile dirt tracks in North Carolina. It features drivers aged five to eight. He recently won on Monday but this time, he was met with criticism from a Twitter user, which his father didn’t take lightly.

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One of the Twitter users tweeted that Brexton won because he has all his father’s resources to use. But Kyle didn’t like the tweet and hit out at the user by telling that his son drivers by the same rules as others.

While Brexton might have his father’s advice and resource for him, but this doesn’t take away from the talent that he has shown from an early age.

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