NASCAR to discipline Kyle Busch for hitting the pace car

NASCAR to discipline Kyle Busch for hitting the pace car – “That’s something we’ll address this week”

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Kyle Busch’s Sunday ended early after he wreck on Lap 6 of the Foxwoods Resort Casino 301 at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

JGR teammates Busch and Truex were running first and second on Lap 6, when they suddenly lost control and spun into the Turn 1 wall. Both drivers  Toyotas cars came away with a fair amount of damage.

NASCAR officials opted to allow all driver onto the race track for Sunday’s Foxwoods Resort Casino 301, despite the fact that mist was falling on the track.

NASCAR Senior VP of Competition Scott Miller said they will address Kyle Busch purposely hitting pace car this week.

Thats something we didn’t have to address immediately, obviously we had our hands full up there trying to get the track back and figure out what we were gonna do working on all the timing that we already talked about with darkness hmm so that’s something we’ll address this week.

Unhappy Kyle Busch purposely makes contact with Pace Car

The Joe Gibbs Racing driver Kyle Busch said they (NASCAR) should never have started the race in a  interview with NBCSN after his day ended early.

“It never should have gone green to begin with,” Busch said. “We’d been talking about it for two laps it was raining. We’re done. There’s no fixing that thing.”

The cameras caught Kyle Busch standing over his wrecked car in the aftermath, saying he wasn’t “going to f–ng stick around until tomorrow for this s—.”

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3 thoughts on “NASCAR to discipline Kyle Busch for hitting the pace car – “That’s something we’ll address this week””

  1. I hear Kyle Busch will not be disciplined for hitting the pace car. I thought of all the rules Nascar has, purposely hitting the pace car, would be one that wouldn’t be tolerated. The road was wet and the pace car driver would in no way think that he was going to get hit in the back by a professional driver on purpose. Nascar what is happening to the sport. That could have caused the pace car to have a serious accident. I agree, the race shouldn’t have been started and there were a lot of issues in stage one that Nascar dropped the ball on but come on Nascar you don’t go for retaliation in a race how is this different.

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