Kyle Larson signs extension

Kyle Larson signs extension with full sponsorship until 2023

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Hendrick Motorsports gave Kyle Larson a second chance he needed in NASCAR because Mr H had wanted him in his lineup years ago.

Kyle Larson has signed down for two more year with full sponsorship at HMS on Wednesday.

Rick Hendrick on Wednesday notified his 93 dealerships that the hottest driver in Racing has signed now penned a new contract extension until 2023 & Larson will be fully sponsored by

“My dealerships, the general managers and the employees, they didn’t want anyone else on the car,” Hendrick told The Associated Press.

“I bumped it up about 20% once automotive committed,” Hendrick said. “We had one deal for the whole thing, so I made them step up and at least match the offer. And they did, they want as much as they can get.”

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Kyle Larson has won four straight NASCAR Cup Series races this season, as well as the $1 million All-Star race. He is  currently second in the championship standings and has also been victorious 10 times in non-NASCAR events.

“When we race on Sunday our people are excited when they get to work on Monday,” Darryl Jackson, vice president of financial services for Hendrick Automotive Group, told AP. “By the water cooler, on the showroom floor, in the service center, they are talking about their car. It is ‘My driver. My team.’


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