Kurt Busch on being ditched by younger brother Kyle for ride home

Kurt Busch on being ditched by younger brother Kyle for ride home on the plane – “I already knew to find another ride

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Kurt Busch earned his first win of the season, with 33 overall and fourth in his career at Atlanta. He managed to secure a spot in the playoffs and likely  improved his chances of securing a new ride the next NASCAR Cup Series season.

Kurt Busch passed brother Kyle with just 24 laps remaining to take home the Checkered flag on Sunday to complete a Busch  weekend double reign at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

Kyle Busch not happy with Ross Chastain blocking him to give teammate Kurt Busch win at Atlanta

“Hell yeah, we beat Kyle!” Kurt Busch said.

“What a genuine, awesome, old-school race track,” Kurt Busch said. “I just asked the track today for the last time on your old asphalt can I have an old guy win, and she answered.”

“The 42 did his job as a teammate,” Kurt Busch said. “Ross is going to get a little flak for it, but that’s what it takes to be a good teammate at the right moment. I couldn’t be more proud of Ross Chastain.”

Said Chastain, who finished 21st: “Kurt asked for the lane and I gave it to him. … One team, one goal and that’s to win.”

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16 thoughts on “Kurt Busch on being ditched by younger brother Kyle for ride home on the plane – “I already knew to find another ride”

  1. Has little to nothing to do with Kyle. Almost anytime theres a shared flight,and one wins,they find an alternative way home. No one who has lost a race wants to hang around for hours.

  2. Kyle has done that before he’s a cry baby and Kurt new it his wife would of waited no excuse


    Don’t know anything about the waiting for a flight home, but Kyle Bush showed his true colors today. Chastain did exactly what he should have done for his teammate. I don’t know anyone that would give crybaby Kyle a break on the track including his brother. Great job Kurt

  4. Pretty standard in the industry, no one sits around for several hours waiting on another passenger, winner or not, brother or not, son or not. No need to beat up Kyle over this.

  5. Kyle’s actions the day before put the leader in the wall and now he’s crying over a completely legal move
    What a crybaby sore L
    Wasn’t going to beat Kurt regardless
    Something to cry about

  6. Blood should be thicker than winging and losing , he has 1 brother and many wins. Chill out Kyle.

  7. Kyle is and always be an AH…. Stay out of the Xfinity races Kyle and let the kids race.. You have the biggest ego in Motorsport

  8. I think what is lost here is the fact that Kurt is his brother.. his family.. just shows his character. I know winning means alot… but if I couldn’t win then I’d want my brother to win.. like Kurt said he taught Kyle everything he knows.. be happy for your brother not mad at a race car driver!!!

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