Larson Bowman on-track incident

‘Like nothing happened’: Larson and Bowman sort out their on-track incident

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Kyle Larson shed light on an incident between him and his Hendrick Motorsports teammate Alex Bowman at Road America.

Both the drivers were fighting for track position when Bowman failed to show down his car and bumped into Larson’s No. 5 Chevrolet making the latter car spin.

Chad Knaus, Hendrick Motorsports’ vice president of competition, said that he didn’t expect the drivers to hold any grudge after the incident. And Bowman himself approached to Larson on pit road after the Jockey Made in America 250 to explain the situation. Larson appreciated this gesture.

“There didn’t need to be a meeting,” Larson said. “Alex and I, we were fine after the race. I appreciate him coming down and talking to me. I knew it wasn’t on purpose, so it’s hard for me to be angry and upset at somebody, especially a teammate, when you know it’s not on purpose.”

The matter was resolved quickly and the teammates even shared a row for the flight back. Rather than holding on to the incident, they quickly occupied themselves with celebrating their teammate Chase Elliott’s second win of the season.

“Alex and I were fine. We flew home together, sat next to each other on the airplane and had to wait a couple hours …” Larson said. “So we were going about things like nothing happened, and I think that’s really important, especially as teammates. I pride myself in being a good teammate and I think part of that is getting over things quickly with your teammates.”

Larson and Bowman are both are multiple winners this year in the NASCAR Cup Series season.

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