Make The Cars Harder To Drive Clint Bowyer

Make The Cars Harder To Drive – Clint Bowyer

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In an interview with Dale Earnhardt Jr. on the Dale Jr. Download Podcast, Clint Bowyer said that NASCAR has to make the Next-Gen cars harder to drive.

During his racing days, Bowyer was not the biggest fan of the Cup Series package and criticized it for turning more to provide the entertainment factor and not the racing factor. 

Now, working in the FOX Sports television booth alongside Mike Joy and Jeff Gordon, Bowyer appeared in the Dale Jr. Download Podcast and spoke about the sport and the direction it is taking.

But not only that, but he also said that Next-Gen, which is set to be introduced from the 2022 season, has to be made harder to drive than the status quo by NASCAR.

Bowyer came to this realisation by watching the race at Nashville Superspeedway utilized the higher horsepower and low downforce rules package.

“How long has it been since you saw two or three guys just spin out,” Bowyer said. “You know what I mean? That resonates to me. That car was hard to drive. They busted their butt by themselves.”

Earnhardt too had some opinions to share on what can be done to make racing better. His idea includes loading the drag on the front of the car and taking the entire rear spoiler off.

In applying this, even with 550 horsepower or less, NASCAR could make a car challenging to drive, to which Bowyer agreed:

“Keep taking it off until you see cars doing what they were doing at Nashville,” Bowyer said.

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