Will Kyle Busch quits

Kyle Busch to finally call it quits – “Finish out this year and peace out.”

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Having already registered his 100th NASCAR Xfinity Series win, will Kyle Busch finally quit racing in this series?

Kyle Busch has won three consecutive Xfinity races that he has participated in this season. His latest win came at the Road America extending his total Xfinity wins to 101 races.

Busch had previously maintained that he will stop racing in the series after getting this number of wins. However, he still has one more start left for the remaining season.

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In a recent interview before his 100th win, Busch said that he would be ready to come back to the Xfinity series if needed.

“I’ve said before, if they need me to come back and run a race here or there then I would do it to help Joe (Gibbs) out if he needed to evaluate his equipment or help the team in any way,” he said. “Joe has some things sold for me already for 2022, so we’ll talk about that and see what happens.”

However, after getting his 100th win, Busch said that the remaining race could be his last in the NASCAR Xfinity series.

“I haven’t necessarily had those discussions with Joe or (Dave Alpern, president of Joe Gibbs Racing), but my understanding is this might be it — two more (races this season). There may not be anything sold next year. So this might be it. Finish out this year and peace out.”

Having achieved his target, Busch has every right to walk away from the series. After all, he is the most decorated driver in the series with most wins in the history of the series.

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