manufacturers who should enter NASCAR

Four manufacturers who should enter NASCAR

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After Dodge left NASCAR after the 2012 season, NASCAR has just three manufacturers: Chevy, Ford, and Toyota. But here we present four manufacturers who should enter NASCAR.

There are a lot of rumors about new manufacturers entering NASCAR but no such rumor has become a reality. As Toyota found out in the 2007 season, entering NASCAR means dedicating a lot of time and financial investment, But, all the efforts are worth it compared to the dividends that it pays.

So, let’s talk about four new manufacturers who should enter NASCAR in the future.


Dodge have kept their prospect of entering NASCAR again open. They had even designed a Gen-6 car, but decided against returning to the sports after Brad Keselowski’s 2012 championship. Nonetheless, with Ray Evernham supporting their return, a potential comeback for the manufacturer to enter NASCAR again remains on the card. Who knows maybe Evernham will bring back Dodge to NASCAR as he did years ago.


As one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world, it will make sense for the Japanese company to enter NASCAR. Nissan has multiple manufacturing plants in the states and a chance to compete against Ford, Chevy and Toyota will only boost the company’s credentials.


NASCAR has seen a lot of European manufacturers in the past not never in a full-time capacity. Volkswagen would be the ideal manufacturer to be the first to do so. The choice is supported by the rumors about the team joining the sports. Having suffered from the company’s fuel emissions scandal in 2016, entering NASCAR would give the company a much-needed PR boost.


As General Motors already had a strong tradition of supporting multiple manufacturers in NASCA, going back to the tradition would be a great idea. They could introduce Buick to the Cup Series and they won’t have to invest loads of money like other manufacturers as Buick and Chevy would share chassis, engines, and R&D.

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