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“We both respect each other’s abilities” – Joey Logano on rivalry with Kyle Busch

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While Joey Logano and Kyle Busch may not like each other a lot, but there is a mutual admiration between the drivers about each other’s racing capabilities.

Logano and Busch are an iconic couple with the rivalry that they share both on and off the field. The on-track duel between them have led to off-track fights in the past between them and they have shared a number of on-track tussles.

Last month, Busch went on to say that Logano is “two-faced” and he hates two-faced guys. Logano responded to the comments by saying that it’s a compliment from Busch and not an insult.

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While the ongoing rivalry between two competent and fierce rivals won’t end soon, but their rivalry is not only about getting one over the other but also about mutual admiration of each other’s abilities on the race track.

“We’re both probably going to race the heck out of each other,” Logano said. “I can’t say I like him a whole bunch. You’re probably going to end up racing each other pretty hard, but I think we both respect each other’s abilities. I respect Kyle Busch as a fantastic race car driver.”

Both the drivers have a win each in the 2021 Cup Series season.

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