No. 1 priority Kyle Larson

“NASCAR has always been my No. 1 priority” – Kyle Larson

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Even though Kyle Larson races in different events besides NASCAR, he considers NASCAR Cup Series racing to be his top priority.

The Hendrick Motorsports driver continues to excel in the Cup Series and has four wins in the Series, excluding the win at the All-Star race. However, his continued participation in other disciplines of racing has led to questions about whether Cup Series is his main priority.

When signing for HMS, Larson had to convince Rick Hendrick to let him participate in other disciplines too, something which the HMS owner is generally reluctant to do. After his win at Nashville, Larson asserted his priority.

“It’s worked out really great for me. Cliff (Daniels, Larson’s Cup crew chief) I think understands that when I race, I get better. I just kind of go through with him on what races I want to run,” Larson said.

“He’s been cool to let me race as long as it’s not interfering with anything I’ve got going on with the NASCAR team because that’s always been my No. 1 priority, even in the past. I know a lot of people don’t think that.

“NASCAR has always been my No. 1 priority. I don’t miss anything. I don’t go race a dirt race when I could be doing something else with the NASCAR team, whether it be a sponsor appearance or sim day or whatever.

“I’m there for the NASCAR team. I’ve kept it that way.”

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Despite his hectic schedule, Larson has managed to perform better than other drivers. It is something he believes in, that competing in different types of racing will only make him better.

“I think all the racing helps for everything. I win a Cup race, it helps me for dirt racing. I think, too, even though it’s different race cars, looking at the driver telemetry data and stuff helps when I go race a sprint car, as well,” he said.

“Then, too, I think just racing a lot (helps). I’m in racing situations more than anybody else in the world really, but especially in Cup. I think that helps me stay sharp, it helps me be aggressive, it helps me understand what things are doing, tracks changing, stuff like that.

“Too, I think you’re just getting into a rhythm and staying in a rhythm, where none of these guys are going to get back in a car until Saturday. I think it’s a big advantage for me to be in a car multiple times throughout the week.”

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