Denny Hamlin explains why 23XI Racing trophy case is empty

Denny Hamlin explains why 23XI Racing trophy case is empty

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NASCAR Cup Series driver and team co-owner Denny Hamlin explained why 23XI Racing still has an empty trophy case.

23XI Racing put pen to paper with former RPM driver Bubba Wallace as the man behind the steering of the #23 Toyota, as they also formed a technical alliance with Joe Gibbs Racing.

Entering the 2021 NASCAR Cup Series season, co-owner Michael Jordan stated that he believes Bubba Wallace has what it takes to win races, however Bubba set himself a goal of securing multiple wins in his first season with 23XI Racing.

Bubba Wallace trails 14th place Chris Buescher by 93 points for the 16th and last playoff spot; 55 points is the maximum point total for a non-winner of any given Cup Series race. Bubba’s best finish of the season was at Dover International Speedway where he finished 11th place.

“No confidence. He’s letting the car drive him into the corner.” – No. 23 team radio after Bubba early spin out in NASCAR All-Star Open

Denny Hamlin was on The Jim Rome Show following Sunday’s All-Star Race at Texas Motor Speedway when he was asked by Rome about 23XI Racing empty trophy case considering all the trophies that Denny and MJ won during their careers.

“Well, we keep it empty for a simple reason: we gotta earn it,” Hamlin said. “There’s no past success that means you’re entitled to anything today. So we have to go out there and that team has to earn its own trophies and not just rest on the laurels that myself and Michael have accomplished in our careers. So we want them to see that empty case and want to fill it up themselves.”

Bubba Wallace currently sits in 21st place in the NASCAR Cup Series standings.

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10 thoughts on “Denny Hamlin explains why 23XI Racing trophy case is empty”

  1. politics getting involved ! NASCAR was a great sport ! it’s a shame they want too control everything i can see why the Frances wanted out ! good luck …

  2. Shawn davidson

    Bubba has the skills to be a wheel man. He can win. Remember. In the races he replaced Aric Amarola ??? He did better then Aric done all year in the 43 car. There is no such thing as instant success in nascar. Just instant expectations. Money can’t buy wins. Only trusting each other will bring wins.

  3. the equipment is there what are you going to say if they hire kurt bush next year as a 2nd team and he gets a few top 10

  4. Bubba is a much better personality than a race car driver. Good equipment but the same results as with the lessor equipment he had before. Reminds me of Danika

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