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Would Lewis Hamilton have been successful in NASCAR? NASCAR Legend Jeff Gordon gives his verdict

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Speaking about a number of subjects, NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon gave his verdict on whether F1 superstar Lewis Hamilton would be successful in NASCAR.

The four-time champion said that Hamilton has the ability, talent and confidence to succeed in NASCAR races. Gordon said:

“Had I taken that path, I would have been successful, same for Lewis Hamilton. When you have that ability and that talent, to find the limit of the car and have the confidence and drive and desire to push yourself in every aspect. Be completely dedicated to it to be successful.”

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There has not been a lot of crossovers in F1 and NASCAR, and even if there were, not every driver won races in both the sports.

Mario Andretti and Dan Gurney are the two drivers who have won a race in both NASCAR and F1.

While it will only be a thing of contemplation to talk about whether Hamilton would be successful in NASCAR even with his record in F1. Nonetheless, his legacy with the F1 remains has already been sealed as one of the greatest drivers in F1 with seven championships and 98 wins.

As for Gordon, he is working with Fox NASCAR as a commentator. However, there are rumours that Gordon could leave the FOX Sports broadcast booth for a major Hendrick Motorsports role.

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