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Dale Sr Son Kerry Earnhardt Confesses That Teresa Earnhardt Had Slammed A Door In His Face At Family Reunion

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Kerry Earnhardt took it upon himself after he got his drivers license to drive out and meet with his father, NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt. 

During that first face-to-face discussion with his dad Dale Sr, a meeting was set up in which Kerry would get the chance to meet his brother, and sister Dale Earnhardt Jr. & Kelley Earnhardt.

The day of that meeting Kerry calmly approached the door, only to have it slammed right in his face by Dale sr wife Teresa Earnhardt .Kerry recently revealed the incident on Dale Jr podcast.

Dale Earnhardt kids didn’t have the greatest of childhoods even though their dad turned out to be one of the greatest drivers in the Sports history.

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“I walked up and knocked on the door. It wasn’t Dad that answered. It was someone else. I said hello, and she slammed the door. Dad, I heard him inside, and he came to the door. He said, ‘Hey, son, sorry about that. She wasn’t expecting you.’”

Podcast Co-host Mike Davis asked Kerry who it was.

He replied, “It was Teresa.” Teresa was Earnhardt’s third wife

“I walked in and we went down in the basement and went and talked for a good while,” Kerry said.

 Co-host Davis chipped in and asked Junior if, during  that moment, he had known he had a brother.

“I’ve heard that we had a brother, but I didn’t know what that meant,” Junior said. “My first memory of meeting him wasn’t at this house. It was at (another) family reunion. I didn’t know he was coming.”

“We talked about just building slowly,” Kerry said of the conversation with his father.

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