Bubba Wallace donates racing simulators

Bubba Wallace donates racing simulators and money to kids club in Chicago

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In a visit to the Union League Boys & Girls Club on Wednesday, Bubba Wallace donated two racing simulators and money to the club in Chicago.

The visit from Wallace was a part of the effort to expand the sport’s audience with the youngsters in Pilsen getting an introduction to NASCAR racing.

According to Mary Ann Mahon Huels, president and CEO of the Union League Boys & Girls Clubs, Wallace came to the club as part of a partnership between the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and NASCAR with the goal of expanding the sport’s audience.

“I got a great appreciation by watching ‘The Last Dance’ of what Michael Jordan means to Chicago and what Chicago means to Michael Jordan. It’s kind of surreal; I feel like we came full circle being here today,” Wallace said.

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A check of $5,000 was handed to the club by NASCAR and two racing simulators were donated by Logitech, one of several Wallace sponsors.

“I went to Boys & Girls Clubs a few times when I was young and know how special it is for people to come in. To see what we’re doing now and having NASCAR be a part of it is very humbling,” Wallace added.

“It’s important to get them out to race and introduce them to it so they can be lifelong fans.”

After answering the kids, Wallace took the simulator, which was cheered by the kids. After that, he let the kids use the simulators in turn. He said that he’d love to see a NASCAR event in Chicago in the future.

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