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‘It’s a great compliment’ – Joey Logano responds to Kyle Busch’s insults

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Team Penske driver Joey Logano responded to Kyle Busch calling him “two-faced” by saying that it’s a compliment. 

Busch and Logano have had a fair share of on and off-field duels in their Cup career. Their on-field battle leading to Kyle Busch throwing punches at Logano after the 2017 race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway is one of the moments that every fan knows about.

In a recent interview, the Joe Gibbs Racing driver criticized his rival for showing two natures on and off the field.

“The problem with Joey is he’s two-faced,” Busch said. “People know I’m an a******. I might be an a****** on the race track, which I’m really not. But Logano, he will come in here and he’s happy-go-lucky, go with the flow, super nice guy. Does great for charity, everything like that.

“You put him on the race track, when he puts his helmet on, he flips the a****** switch on the back of his head. To me, I hate two-faced guys. That drives me absolutely nuts. If you’re going to be a nice guy, be a nice guy on the race track as well. You know what I mean?”

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While Logano’s manager was filled with rage for Busch’s comments, the Team Penske driver took Busch’s comments as a compliment.

“He called me two-faced! I kind of laughed. Got called by my manager and he was like ‘did you see this?’. He showed it to me and he looked really mad. I smiled and said, ‘No! It’s a great compliment’. He looked at me like, ‘What are you talking about?’

“He’s right, he’s a 100% right. I believe its a compliment because he’s saying that I can be a nice guy off the race track and I can be a total jerk when I go racing,”

While he might be a jerk on the track, it works well for Logano as he always finds a way to be competitive. He has one win under his name in the 2021 season and has been a consistent performer. Currently, he sits fourth at the championship table.

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3 thoughts on “‘It’s a great compliment’ – Joey Logano responds to Kyle Busch’s insults”

  1. Shelli Rae Scott

    Isn’t this exactly how you want an athlete to be? Ultra competitive when needed, an entire team is relying on his success. Off the field, we want them to be ultra nice guys, sign he autographs, run the foundation and be a great role model.

    Joey Logano is everything we want a professional athlete to be

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