Joey Logano two-faced

“He flips the a****** switch on the back of his head” – Kyle Busch calls Joey Logano “two-faced”

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JGR driver Kyle Busch hit out at Team Penske’s Joey Logano by calling him a “two-faced” person on and off the track.

Busch and Logano have had their fair share of fights on the race tracks. But it seems that off the track, they are not the best of friends either.

In a recent interview, Busch hit out at Logano by saving that Logano has an “a****** switch” that gets turned every time he is on the race track.

“The problem with Joey is he’s two-faced,” Busch said during the episode, which aired May 17, 2021. “People know I’m an a******. I might be an a****** on the race track, which I’m really not. But Logano, he will come in here and he’s happy-go-lucky, go with the flow, super nice guy. Does great for charity, everything like that.

“You put him on the race track, when he puts his helmet on, he flips the a****** switch on the back of his head. To me, I hate two-faced guys. That drives me absolutely nuts. If you’re going to be a nice guy, be a nice guy on the race track as well. You know what I mean?”

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One of the famous fights between these two Cup Series champions came back in 2017 when Busch threw punches at Logano after the race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

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