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Kyle Busch called the racing at COTA ‘dangerous’ and ‘treacherous’

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While Kyle Busch felt that he could have raced for the win, he was fine with NASCAR’s decision to stop the race early.

NASCAR’s inaugural race at the COTA didn’t go as planned as heavy rain conditions presented visibility issues to the driers. NASCAR had to call off the race at 54 laps of the scheduled 68 laps.

Having pitted for fuels and new tires, Busch was expecting to cover the ground over drivers ahead of him and even pass them. However, he didn’t get the chance to do so.

But when asked if NASCAR should have delayed the decision to end the race, Busch said:

“It’s been four hours, enough is enough. White flag, wave it.”

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Many drivers complained about the visibility issues in early the race. However, the race continued when violent accidents took place on laps 19 and 25. Busch explained how it was going from his perspective during the race.

“There were certainly times where you could not see. You’re behind guys and in traffic and there is just so much spray down the backstretch that you just could not see,” Busch said.

“There were other times for me, running around the race track where I think I was up to ninth or eighth or something and I’m blind through the esses. Just so much dirt and stuff up on the windshield that the windshield can’t stay clean.

“Light rain is okay, but heavy rain is not.”

With water puddling on the track, Kurt Busch hydroplaned off the course and Austin Cindric spun on lap 54. NASCAR then decided to cut short the 68-lap race. Busch said that although it was fun in the beginning, the later stages were “dangerous” and “treacherous”.

“It was fun for a while there earlier when it was just sprinkling, but once it got too heavy, it was dangerous.

“It was treacherous.”

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