Jeff Gordon and Clint Bowyer

Jeff Gordon and Clint Bowyer shocked with NASCAR Rules against Bubba Wallace

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Jeff Gordon and Clint Bowyer voiced their displeasure for a NASCAR Rule going against the 23XI Racing driver Bubba Wallace.

While Bubba Wallace and the 23XI Racing team have not lived up to expectations until now, they were not helped in that regard for a NASCAR rule going against them in the race at Darlington.

Fighting for a free pass with a lap down in the race in stage 2 with Kurt Busch, Wallace tapped Busch’s right rear for the No. 1 car to spin out and crash into the wall.

“I’m not going to put that on Bubba, though,” Clint Bowyer said up in the Fox broadcast booth. “That’s good hard racing for that position. He got sideways, and Bubba just barely clipped the right rear corner.”

Having been involved in the incident, NASCAR disallowed the free pass to Wallace. Gordon and Bowyer both disagreed with NASCAR decision on that regard and said that Wallace deserved the free pass.

“I want to get some clarification on that,” Gordon said. “We’ve talked to NASCAR a little bit about this in the past about being involved. I don’t necessarily agree with that call. I think Bubba Wallace, and you just heard from Kurt Busch, he ran out of real estate they’re both fighting for. But it’s not like Bubba did anything intentional. If anything, he might have been trying to avoid him and made unintentional contact. I don’t know if he shouldn’t get a lap back because of that.”

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Bowyer agreed with Gordon and said that he was shocked by NASCAR’s decision.

“I was shocked. We both were. We were shocked to hear them take that from him because I agree. Kurt was loose underneath him. You heard Matt DiBenedetto say that he was loose underneath him. And unfortunately, he did get into him, but it wasn’t like he got into him and knocked him out.”

Wallace finished 21st in the race for another disappointing result in the 2021 Cup Series season.

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14 thoughts on “Jeff Gordon and Clint Bowyer shocked with NASCAR Rules against Bubba Wallace”

  1. Nascar was right in their decision. Bubba caused the caution intentionally. They would not let anyone else get away with that so why let Bubba. Take race out of it and nothing would have been said.

  2. David Dickerson

    It’s always been the rule that if you cause a wreck and and your the first car one lap you don’t get the free pass

  3. So….. They would have done the same thing to anyone else. He is NO better than anyone else. He does NOT deserve special treatment. It has happened to others before him.

  4. Jack McDaniel

    If you’re involved in a caution, whether or not it’s your fault, you don’t get the free pass. single car or multi car, does not matter.

  5. Jackson KENDIG Scott

    I do not care either way. NASCAR will not let any of us have a rule book on regulations. They like to call the race the way they want. I even tried to purchase a rule book they said no. Have been going to stock car races since I was six. Darlington was my first i am now 65 yrs old and I have lost interest in what they want to call stock cars. Organization is so far from its roots.

  6. Poor Danica, I mean Bubba, Nascar did not your free pass, your just another whining driver who only got a ride to make people happy, admit it, your just plain ^^^ anyway.

  7. Bubba got what he deserved. Cry baby didn’t get his way oh to freakin bad. Jeff and Clint I’m ashamed of thought they had more sense just more ^^^^^. NASCAR sucks anymore, this family stopped watching after Bubba’s noose and FBI BS.

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