Kyle Busch takes swipe at NASCAR

“U guys r so stupid” – Kyle Busch takes swipe at NASCAR

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Joe Gibbs Racing driver Kyle Busch felt his team had one of their best performance of the season with the 750-horsepower package at Darlington Raceway on Sunday, which resulted in him finishing third.

Kyle Busch wasn’t so pleased with a tweet that NASACR official Twitter account tweeted apparently mocking his third place finish at Darlington.

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Busch was second at one point to Truex in the second stage at Darlington and spent the rest of the race amongst the top five. However he ended up losing second place to Kyle Larson with 40 laps to go, Busch settled into third to the finish.

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22 thoughts on ““U guys r so stupid” – Kyle Busch takes swipe at NASCAR”

  1. Filbert Martocci, JR

    You are the most complete driver in the cup series. Yes,…you have it all,…protect your equipment, especially your tires, and have something for them towards the end of a run. I wanted to try to hire you when Hendrick announced he was cutting you.

  2. Simon Walker

    Kyle Busch isn’t nothing but a big baby when he’s not winning when he is he cracks jokes to.

  3. Zachariah Andrews

    Cry baby Kyle always blames everyone else but himself.. get the ^^^^ over yourself.

    1. I would like to see any of you jump in his car and show him how YOU, a lazy boy Sunday driver should drive and act.

  4. He USED TO BE the most hated driver in NASCAR.
    Then bubba put BLM on a car and drove it onto the track.

    1. Bryan O'Connor

      He isn’t hated because what he put on his car, he is hated because Sports, racing in particular was the last place that was politics free and he brought politics into it. He LIED about the phantom noose in the garage and then brought politics into someplace that politics don’t belong, THAT’S why he’s hated, before he did that he was one of the most popular drivers. SHUT AND DRIVE.

      1. Bubba didn’t personally announce that a noose was in his garage area. Be want even in town yet. Somebody else saw it and reported it. It seemed like a threat. Not Bubba’s fault this unfortunate coincidence took place, i.e. , Bubba initiating peaceful statements by drivers after the wrongful death of Foster and NASCAR’s removal of Confederate flags from its events and a very obvious noose in Bubba’s garage area. Did we hear of a noose in any other garage area?

        And, sorry, folks, he can drive. He isn’t the best driver, but he’s in the middle of the pack. I can name a dozen drivers who average worse finishes.

        Black Lives Matter isn’t politics. It’s common decency and respect. If you say different, you are disgusting.

        But this thread isn’t about Bubba. It’s about Kyle Busch, who is going for the Hall of Fame because he is amazing. He has his haters, like Bubba has his haters, because he speaks up. What have you done with your life?

        1. M.B. Harrison

          What have you done with your life? Well I of one served 20 Years in the Marines and served 2 tours in Vietnam. Driving a race car fast is no great deal. Being a winner is a big deal. Bush is a winner,,, Bubba is a middle of the pack no body ^^^^^.

    2. he’s hated because he cant drive so he uses other bullshit to get his name in print . the bs he brought had no business being and the problems hes caused has ruined the sport!!!

  5. BS you people can find more reasons to dog someone more than any people should.Im sick of you guys downing Bubba its old and its childish i guess you people have never made a mistake yeah whatever.I know drivers that are still racing in Nascar that has been there for 20 yrs and havent won a damn race yet.MOVE ON ITS OLD FREAKING CRAP GROW UP.

  6. Michael Rogers

    So glad NASCAR still has a prayer before each race and pledge to the American Flag. Sad that other sports can’t follow and show respect for the freedom we have in our country.

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