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NASCAR’s Next Gen is “biggest change for the NASCAR industry” in 50 years – Toyota

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Toyota Racing president David Wilson is of the opinion that s NASCAR’s Next Gen car is the “biggest change for the NASCAR industry” in 50 years.

All the three manufactures in the Cup Series revealed their Next Gen models on Wednesday. The car is set to make its Cup Series debut in the 2022 season. With the launch of the model, teams will not have to fabricate their own cars from scratch or buy from other alliances but rather purchase the tubular frame chassis direct from NASCAR’s appointed builder Technique Chassis.

“Year over year, this is the biggest change for the NASCAR industry, in terms of the car that we race, that we have seen cumulatively for over 50 years,” said Wilson. “This is a complete and total tear-up, save the drivers’ seat, so it’s going to be quite the ride next year.

“From Toyota’s perspective, we’re excited about it – this has been a long time coming.”

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Additionally, Wilson spoke of how restricting the number of cars per team to seven will help out to be more resource-efficient for the teams.

“NASCAR has instructed a maximum of seven cars per team, that is versus what has been historically unlimited,” added Wilson. “That’s significant, and the savings are more going to be a function of the car being ‘standardized’ – we don’t like to use the word ‘spec’ – but let me put it this way, there’s 30-plus single-source suppliers where teams will be buying most of their car from, and they can’t touch the parts after they purchase them, for the most part.

“What that does for the organizations is that it eliminates the necessity to have very large fabrication and manufacturing operations.”

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