NASCAR To Discuss With Drivers About Superspeedway Rule Changes

NASCAR To Discuss With Drivers About Superspeedway Rule Changes

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After a tragic wreck at Talladega Superspeedway just last April, Joey Logano, Ryan Newman and others urged NASCAR to make changes to superspeedway regulations in advance of the final two races at Daytona International Speedway and Talladega Superspeedway this campaign.

During Wednesday Next-Gen unveiling, Vice President of NASCAR and chief racing development officer Steve O’Donnel stated that the sanctioning body had completed an initial investigation of the incident at Superspeedways and did However, presented its findings to drivers to analyse.

Ryan Newman demands changes to Superspeedway racing in NASCAR

“In terms of Joey’s incident, yeah, we’ve done a lot of work on that,” O’Donnell said. “We actually just presented it to the drivers. We’re having ongoing dialogue with the drivers.

“I think if anything you can see us take a look at the speeds of the car as we head potentially into our next Superspeedway race, but yeah, it all had kind of to do with the angle and where the car was and the contact.”

The incident occurs when Denny Hamlin, the No. 11 Toyota tried to make a move towards the bottom and pass Logano’s No. 22 ride, However Hamlin was being push by Ricky Stenhouse Jr.’s No. 47 forcing him to clipped the left-rear of Logano’s car. Logano then spun into the pack behind him, went airborne after being hit and skidded on its roof before settling back on all four wheels.

Joey Logano did received a call from NASCAR after getting home that night. Such communication after a concerning incident is standard and begins the investigation.

“When are we gonna stop ? that’s not okay” – Joey Logano Hits Out Following Talladega Wreck

I’d say from the diffuser, we’ll certainly add to the components of lift-off and help,” O’Donnell said. “That’s why we put it there. But similar to the characteristics of the current car, we’ll be at if not better than where we are today in terms of lift-off.”

“The first thing I noticed sitting in it, I sit lower,” Logano said. “For a driver like myself that’s 6’3”, getting lower in the car is important. I realized that in Talladega a few weeks ago when the roof was crushed down on my head.

“I need to sit a little lower, that will give me a little bit more margin to start. Initially that’s a big win for me, sitting more at a comfortable height. Not crammed down in the car so much opens up a little bit more room.

“Then you see added structure around you, more support braces to the roof in case of a situation where one rolls over, which will probably happen at some point. It’s racing, cars roll over. We got to protect for that.

“Door foam is different. The driver I think is sitting a little bit closer to the center of the car. That’s a win. There’s added dash bars to try to keep the car from getting narrower during a T-bone incident. Front and rear crash structures in the bumpers. That is something that will be good. …

“That’s why we are the No. 1 most safe racing in the world. I don’t think there’s a safer race car you can jump in than a Cup car. That’s because of the attitude and mentality we’ve had to become better and better and better in the safety department.

“This is no reason to stop now. Just because we’re already the best, you don’t stop. I think NASCAR has been able to continue that throughout the design process coming up with what they have here today.”

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  1. raymond kelly

    you are one of them that makes it unsafe so lets band joye and stop crying you ****

  2. William Roeber

    Over the years it is the big money team drivers that make things unsafe. They do not seem to care as long as it is them creating havoc.

  3. Remember when Logano took Hamlin out for the season with a broken back? Did you hear him complaining then?
    Me either


    NASCAR please get out the kerosene rags, today’s drivers will certainly need them.

  5. Tell Joey L to grow a few or two “where the sun don’t-shine”! You didn’t complain until you flipped. Go back to dirt races! This is where the men wear drawls, not panties!

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