Kyle Busch mocks booing fans

Kyle Busch mocks booing fans after Cup Series race win at Kansas

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Kyle Busch reacted to fans booing him in the postrace interview after his Cup Series race win at Kansas Speedway. 

Busch registered his first win of the 2021 season and it came early in the season compared to the last season when he had to wait until late playoffs to get his first win.

Speaking to Jamie Little after the race, the 2019 champion said:

“You talk about ups and downs of racing. It’s been a lot of downs of life for us. I’ve got a great opportunity and a great job, no doubt. But struggling with infertility and stuff like that with Samantha. Hey to Samantha and Brexton back home,” he said, waving to the camera. “Hopefully, he won. I don’t know what the results are of Brexton’s race today. Just a great day.”

The victory was Busch’s 58th win of his career and he now has a streak of winning in 17 consecutive seasons in his career. Addressing the difficulties of the last season to win races, Busch added:

“Well, it’s hard sometimes. When you go through the lulls, you go through the disappointment, the dejection, the understanding, or un-understanding of whether or not you can still do it. There’s a sense of doubt there for sure. You just got to keep persevering, keep digging, and putting your focus forward and being able to come out here and win this thing.”

However, not all fans were happy with Busch’s win and in the postrace interview, fans show their displeasure by booing the Joe Gibbs Racing driver.

Busch hit out at those fans by imitating a baby crying by rubbing his eyes.

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6 thoughts on “Kyle Busch mocks booing fans after Cup Series race win at Kansas”

  1. Oh geez people…leave the guy alone. After all, he won the race, even on his birthday. Give the guy a break!

  2. I watched the whole race and interview and never saw this. I believe this is old footage and you should be ashamed. Sam and Kyle have been through a lot recently and this is uncalled for.

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