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Ryan Newman demands changes to Superspeedway racing in NASCAR

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Ryan Newman became the latest driver to ask for changes in superspeedway racing after the recent Joey Logano accident in the Cup Series.

Logano car went airborne in the Cup Series race at the Talladega Superspeedway. Fortunately, the driver was unharmed but it brings into light the necessary adjustments required to prevent such accident from happening in the future.

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Having been involved in a horrific crash last season, Newman spoke out on the need for changes to be made. Speaking to SiriusXM NASCAR Radio, he said:

“NASCAR hasn’t made the adjustments to keep the cars on the racetrack. Every situation is different, every example has other variables. In the end, it needs to stay on the racetrack. There’s only two ways to fix that, reduce the speed or change the aerodynamics of the car.”

Newman is closing in on his 700th start at the Kansas Speedway. In doing so, he will tie Buddy Baker’s record and will be tied for 18th on the all-time starts list. Active drives with more than 700 starts in the series are Kevin Harvick and Kurt Busch.

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26 thoughts on “Ryan Newman demands changes to Superspeedway racing in NASCAR”

  1. raymond kelly

    Rayan you are over the hill time for you to retire take joey with you i don’t care how much you try you ant going to keep the cars on the ground all the time face it that is not going to happen

    1. Jason trumpe

      Take restrictor plates off and reduce horse power that simple that type of racing is ***** if I wanted to see that I can go out and sit by the Parkway and he isn’t over the hill he drives garbage

        1. They simply changed the name & style.
          Now called a “tapered spacer” – still does the same basic thing.

  2. If you don’t want to race super speedways get out of the car and let somebody in it that would love to get a chance to do it on n your car the the Woman nascar turned down to run in the race

  3. Lifting the restrictions on engine specs , would separate the field and further advance technology. Innovation is what racing is all about !

  4. Michael Thoennes

    Raymond Kelly – Sounds like you put a lot of though and contemplation into your remark! Thought #1 – Ryan Newman has “been there, done that” and knows what he’s talking about! Thought #2 – There is ALWAYS a way to make ANYTHING better and safer! Thought #3 – with your remark about “Ryan Newman being over the hill and take joey with you” you more than demonstrated your age, maturity and worth in regards to this conversation!

    1. Robert Marion

      Agree! Stop bump drafting and limit blocking. What other major racing series allows this type of dangerous behavior…none!

  5. The idea of restrictor plate racing was to slow the card down from when they were doing 200 MPH. They are now topping 200 MPH with Plates, so it is no longer working. Smaller engines at Daytona and Tallegdega are something to look at. Squeezing down on the plate size will cause other problems.

  6. I have never understood the need for super speedway for stock cars you can’t see a damn thing, they, in my opinion should be on short tracks of a mile or less. Better racing, better fan participation, less cost, and safer,( note I said safer, not safe) I drove for many years in all sorts of race cars, and know for a fact that most drivers do not like, or enjoy them, but yes they will spout the corporate speal when asked. Big heavy stock cars are just bricks going way to fast. Pretty soon they will start having ” memorial” races like virtuallytrack that runs sprint cars do. (Speaking of something way too damn fast for what your in!!!!!!. No damn need for 410 cars, or the wings. Yea I know wings are touted as being safer. Well with out them the corner speeds are down especially on exit and provide a safer environment, better spectator awareness, etc. I drove them and before them drove champ cars with no cages and basically no roll bars at all or in my case way below my shoulders and not much in the way of good belts, yes all of this has become much much safer which is great 40 stock cars with what they weigh ator above200 mph is just plain stupid and boring , j u st my thoughts folks so don’t shoot the messenger

  7. Terry L Headley

    My opinion is this… get rid of the superspeedways and the 1.5 mile cookie cutter tracks. Make the tracks they run on 1 mile or less with varying layouts like Richmond, Pocono (but smaller), Martinsville, and more road courses. I used to like superspeedway racing, but now if one of them is on I only watch the first few laps and the last few. No patience to sit for hours watching them circle the track in packs or sit in cautions and red flags.
    Really, I think road courses are the way to bring back fans. Watkins Glen is perfect.

  8. take away the front make it more square like the factory cars. the aerodynamics are getting out of hand. also let the air enter the cars. theres to much heat on the drivers thermometers showing 135 degrees is rediculous. the cars dont even resemble the factory cars anymore thats why racing is dying out. besides i can go out there and play follow the leader then wreck somebody to gain a position. i love racing but somebody forgot about racing to just make money.

  9. nascar is already ruined it is a dying sport with so many rules and regulations they are loosing fans left and right. They need to go back to the older days where there was actual racing and they need to get out all the cry babies who is afraid to drive and go fast or get spun out thigs happen that is part of racing

  10. Richard Pierlot

    Just race the way it was. They are all overpaid drivers, they used to race because they loved it. Take away the spotters let the drives drive the not the guys on the roof. They are all in the safest cars and rubbing is racing. Get over it boys you want to block go for it and pay the price. You want to be fair. Instead of the winner of a race gets pole on next race , it should be the way the field finishes one race the next race the field starts in the reverse order since the is no qualifying anymore. Just saying R/P

  11. It’s racing and you make a s**tload of money to RACE. If you keep it straight you can earn your money without whining. Bill Elliot is laughing his but off at you W

  12. Guys, you are all right! Now take it from someone who got out when it changed from NASCAR { National Association of Car Racing} to an IROC series. This would be in the late 80s. Now with that said, my thoughts are that they need to go back to grass routs, meaning specs must be items any consumer can order at the dealer supplied by factory with at least 20,000 sold of the following, body complete stock steel with resting height the same as showroom, engine completely stock for model racing. Now available to teams for modifications, Chassis, transmission, differential, shocks. Nascar mandate all safety items, roll cage, driver cabin, fuel cell, flaps for anti lift not more than 8, nothing on areo package that is up to original steel from factory. Several things would happen, more manufacturers, diverse vehicles, recognizable vehicles, manufacturer autonomy, innovation from factories and race teams. I am sure the fan base would increase and we would once again have an American Racing series based upon what the consumer can purchase and drive on Monday following the race. It is a step back but where it is going is of the cliff. It is not a manufacturer and drivers race series as it was established sorry sometimes thinks do not develop for the best regardless of the best intentions, Joe

  13. What’s stock on a stock car today go back to the original rules that they got use what the public could get from the dealership

  14. Langis Caron

    i think the way this big spoilers are there to reduce the speed of the car but when they spins and go backwords it lift the back fo the car and go airborn and starts to go flipping and rolling,just an idée if the same big spoiler tilt back and become flat on the trunk will not have the effect of lifting the back anymore so the car will stay more on the ground and very probably stop lifting the back when going back words.just a thout to help this situation.LC.

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