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Dale Earnhardt Jr. disagrees with Bubba Wallace’s opinion about NASCAR Partnering With Formula 1

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. doesn’t believe that NASCAR would partner with F1 to run races on the same day as suggested by Bubba Wallace.

Wallace made a tweet about NASCAR and F1 running races on the same day in Miami in 2022 after F1 announced a new Miami Grand Prix for that year.

Speaking in this week’s “Ask Jr.” segment of the Dale Jr. Download podcast, Earnhardt Jr. gave his opinion on pairing F1 event in Miami with NASCAR’s race in Homestead. He said:

“That’s asking a lot of people because Homestead is a bit farther. It’s like an hour drive. When I go to a race or sporting event of any kind, when it’s over with, I’m done. I’m tired. I’m ready to go home. Especially like a race weekend as an experience. People come a day or two ahead of time. They’re camping. And they’re doing whatever. I don’t know that you want to split that up.”

While Earnhardt agreed that it’s a creative idea to do so by Wallace, he doesn’t see such partnership happening in the future.

“I agree it’s a very robust idea,” Earnhardt admitted. “You want to make as big a splash as you can make. But I doubt that F1 would want to share their event with anything else happening in the region, especially that first one. And NASCAR is not going to want to play second fiddle or be the closing act. It’d be tough to do. I don’t see how it would ever happen.”

While it would be a big treat for motorsports and racing fans, in general, to have such huge events on the same day, however, the idea seems too grand to be true at the moment.

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  1. bubba making his typically stupid remarks, he should just try and focus on finishing in the top 5 for a change,, MJ sure picked the wrong driver to open his nascar ownership career,,

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