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“We should have won” Cup at race Richmond – Denny Hamlin

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Joe Gibbs Racing driver  Denny Hamlin believes that he should have won the NASCAR Cup Series race at Richmond Raceway.

The No. 11 Toyota driver has been in a good form this season and is leading the regular-season standings. His worst finish this season is an 11th placed finish. However, the problem for the No.11 team is that they are yet to taste victory this season.

After coming second best to Alex Bowman in the race at Richmond, Hamlin said:

“Yeah, I mean, there’s frustration, for sure. But it doesn’t change my attitude or work ethic. I’m going to work just as hard to win next week and the week after that. You’re a competitor, you want to win. Especially when you have a great opportunity to win.

“It just didn’t happen. I just got to digest it, look at it and see where we could have been a little bit better. But ultimately there’s nothing I can do. My effort was as high as it could be. There’s nothing that’s glaring that I feel like I could have or should have done different.

“Maybe there is. I’ll go back and look at it, figure it out. Just seemed like the 48 had it gripped up there for a couple laps.”

Hamlin said that he would rather “be where I am than Alex Bowman” than wining the way Bowman did.

If Hamlin continues at the current rate, then a victory will surely come for the  No.11 team soon.

“I think I’ve talked about it. It’s a double-edged sword,” said Hamlin. “You’re upset in the moment. You feel like you should capitalize when you have great cars. But in the big picture, we are running very strong and in contention each week.

“It’s mixed emotions.”

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