NASCAR Cup Series dirt race Bristol

Dale Earnhardt Jr. gives his opinion on NASCAR Cup Series dirt race at Bristol

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. was quite excited for the dirt race at Bristol, and he was quite active on Twitter tweeting about the events.  

Although he was not able to witness the race live, he seemed to have enjoyed NASCAR’s return to dirt racing after 51 years.

After the race, Earnhardt Jr. gave his verdict on the race in the ‘Ask Jr’ segment of his show ‘Dale Jr. Download’.  He said that there are improvements to be made but declared the race a “success”.

“I loved it. There’s some, I’m sure things to be learned and adjustments to be made to make the experience better.”

“But I think it was a win, it was a plus, a success. Something I want to see again.”

Earnhardt Jr. is also hoping that NASCAR will keep on racing at Bristol on a dirt surface in the coming years.

“I hope that it’s here to stay and it’s just at Bristol…We have a new car coming into the sport in a year. Let’s get the bugs worked out of this before we are taking it everywhere,” Earnhardt Jr. said.

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