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Bubba Wallace Reacts To longtime NASCAR Driver Being Booed

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Having been on the receiving end of boos, Bubba Wallace could relate when NASCAR driver Bill Lester was booed last Saturday.

Semi-retired professional racing driver Lester returned to NASCAR racing in the NASCAR Truck Series Fr8Auctions 200 at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

Some fans, however, were not very pleased with the 60-year-old’s return to the sports and were booing him. When one fan commented on the situation on Twitter, Wallace decided to reply to the fan. He tweeted:

“To some we all look the same…probably thought it was me.”

Lester was full of praise for Wallace for all the things that he has done for the sports last year. He also said that Wallace winning races will only make the sports better.

“For young, Black youth or youth of color, they have to see more athletes that look like them in this sport, right?” Lester said. “They need to see more Bubba Wallaces or Bubba Wallace having more success. It’s going to come. I believe, honestly, that it’s going to come with that program. But you know, folks are expecting way too much too soon. It’s not going to happen overnight. …

“But as soon as somebody like Bubba starts winning and more folks from the Black community start seeing that and realizing that’s something that they can do — because they see that, they have that exposure — then that’ll be something they start trying to do,” he added.

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5 thoughts on “Bubba Wallace Reacts To longtime NASCAR Driver Being Booed”

  1. Bubba is wrong. If he were a good driver and won sometimes everyone would be happy. Charley Pride, B country singer was loved by many millions of W fan, why? because he was good at what he did and never played the R card like BUBBA!

  2. you are exactly right!! Bubba is the R word, he has caused all the turmoil n NASCAR has allowed it, doesn’t make any sense to me,,the sport has gone to hell IMO!! JS

  3. So why were they booing Lester? Oh I know why, because Nascar fans, for the most part, are full on R. I attended the Bristol spring race several years ago. Really wanted to go to that track and finally got the chance. A guy I worked with in Oregon was from there and he and a bunch of friends had 40 tickets for every race. They didn’t go to all the races but they kept them as they had had them so long they were the best seats in the house. He warned me before I went of what to expect. He wasn’t wrong. The race was great the experience was absolutely ****. Open R and ignorance. I never want to go back and it was one of the things that started to push me away from Nascar. There’s lots of worse drivers than Bubba that don’t get booed.

  4. So, would they boo JJ Yeley? Travis Kvapil? How about any other winless driver over the years? There is only one answer here, and it aint yes! Point is there is ONLY ONE reason they would boo and we all know that reason. Bill Lester never played the R card as you, say Bubba did. So please let’s stop trying to make this about wins, talent or anything of the sort.

  5. Your success is created by your work and dedication but let us not forget God wrote the book and we are just living in it. Complaining has become such a easy way to say it’s everyone else that’s causing the delay of our success.
    God bless everyone who reads this and I hope it will help you get to the top of the mountain of your dreams!

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