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Denny Hamlin suggests 23XI Racing could sign ‘established veteran’ in the future

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Denny Hamlin said that the plan for 23XI Racing is to build a place for young as well as veteran drivers alike.

After the formation of the team, the owners decided to go for Bubba Wallace as the driver of the one-car team. While Wallace is not a newbie by any means, but he is yet to win a Cup race.

Surely, the team might want to extend their one-car team to multiple cars in the future. Speaking about which and the drivers that they might sign, Hamlin said:

“We’re trying our best to be the team that Toyota feels like they have a place for their young guys to go.

“Or maybe, we go for an established veteran who’s got a great resume.”

Hamlin also laid out plans for possible expansion in the future. He said that he would like to expand earlier than later for his team.

“I’d like to expand as soon as possible. The quicker we expand, the more resources we will have as a race team to get better. The better people that we can hire.

“Everything gets better, the more information that you can throw into the pot.

“So, when it makes sense for us, is when it financially makes sense for us. It’s about getting a sponsor, and a driver, and a crew chief first. Those three things have all got to line up. Then you’ve got to try and find a charter.”

“There are a lot of obstacles in the way of it happening, but certainly, we feel like we’re active in the space.”

If the team wishes to add young drivers in the future, it will be from the Toyota development department as the team has an alliance with Toyota.

Furthermore, the team expects Wallace to grow into a more accomplished driver along the way.

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37 thoughts on “Denny Hamlin suggests 23XI Racing could sign ‘established veteran’ in the future”

    1. I guess the fact that he hasn’t won a race in the best equipment out there in over 3 years doesnt mean anything. Lol!!!

    2. Jimmie is out because of the money and he isn’t going to drive for less. NASCAR has pushed in the younger talent even to the point of letting some of their cars get overlooked on some things in inspection. The sport has dropped the payout to drivers dramatically…. Its a sad move because now NASCAR is questionable about their honesty to the sport and being fair..

  1. I’d say they should go after and ask Carl Edwards to come back for a few seasons or partial schedule. On top of that he’s a former Gibbs driver which would work out perfect. Just my opinion.

  2. Established doesn’t mean “retired and never coming back.” Labonte, Kenseth and Edwards are ridiculous choices.

  3. Hey Denny.. How about a woman Driver like Danica??That would bring a lot more women to the sport and she is a good driver…..

    1. Monica tollette

      Some of the new up coming younger ladies havd more skill than her

  4. Sorry,, 3 yrs with No results,,, Time to try something new… The definition of insanity is repeating the same action over an over an expecting different results… Nothing R…B
    ubba just cant measure up

  5. George m Schaffier

    Eric Jones, Robbie Gorden, Mcmurry, Kurt Busch is up front every week so I don’t think he would switch, paul menard, pull a vet from busch series.

  6. Remember peeps…it has to be a Toyota driver due to sponsorship and alliance with Toyota. Some of your ideas for drivers wouldn’t be eligible to drive the #23

  7. Layne Sauls JR

    I would say this, as a new team, run your races with what u have and get experience as u go. But when an opportunity presents itself , don’t ingnore it.. After all, It’s not the end of the journey that’s rewarding, but the journey itself..

  8. Ryan Preece seems to be an accomplished driver with a winning record in another division, working for a second tier team with no charter. There’s your driver. Who’s the crew chief?

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