Hendrick Motorsports released Kyle Busch

Kyle Busch reflects on Hendrick Motorsports releasing him

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Joe Gibbs Racing driver Kyle Busch felt that his career was over when he was released by Hendrick Motorsports.

The two-time Cup Series champion was 22 years old when his association with HMS came to an end. Given that HMS was one of the leading teams in NASCAR industry, it was a big blow for Busch at that time. Speaking about his release back then, Busch said:

“I thought my career was over. Because I was getting released by the number one team in the sport. Who else is gonna want to take a chance on a firestorm of emotions of Kyle Busch?”

Busch revealed that his relation with team owner Rick Hendrick led to the fallout between the two, leading to Busch’s departure from the team.

“I’m 18. So going and talking to Rick Hendrick who was 48, 50, however old he was (at the time), is not quite my guy.

“So there was something just not clicking with me, with the team, with whatever it was. Also, the 2007 incident at the All-Star race, my outburst and acting out a few times. It was ultimately the demise of the relationship.

“That’s why Rick said what Rick said. But, it could have been fixed. Like it shouldn’t have caused our relationship to terminate. And it ended up happening.

“Rick called me. He was like, ‘Hey, we’re going to have to go in a different direction for next year. You’re not gonna be our guy’.”

Hendrick Motorsports’ loss was Joe Gibbs Racing’s gain as Busch showed his worth to his new team by winning the Cup Series twice and consistently competing for wins seasons after season.

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19 thoughts on “Kyle Busch reflects on Hendrick Motorsports releasing him”

    1. Maybe at that time, you’re correct, but I bet looking into it now, Mr. H. might have some regrets. Having JJ and K Busch in the same probably could have been phenomenal.

  1. Kyle Busch,, Is a hot head,,, Do not like his attitude,,, He is a poor loser,,, that is why I never cared for him… Rich Hendrick did make the right decision …..

    1. I agree with everything you say. But, you can’t say the man-child can’t drive the hell out of a race car. He’s a great driver whether you like him or not. I don’t, but I admit it.

  2. Kyle really hasn’t changed. Yes he is a good driver but the worst example of a champ. I would have fired him as well. Coach Gibbs should have fired him as well.

    1. What did you think about Brad When he won the championship and got drunk while doing interviews on television?

      1. It’s not Brads fault it only takes him 1 or 2 Beers to get snot slinging, Gutter puking drunk. hahahaha

  3. When he smashed the guitar in Nashville I dropped him from my watch list.. Brother Kurt even with his off track problems has always had more class.

  4. Hendrick made the right decision. Dale Jr might not have won a championship but he brought more to the company both financially and good will wise.

  5. I agree with some of the statements about Kyle….Do not believe he is “great” He takes chances that cause accidents AND has a bad attitude…. same as another questionable driver… Blubba W.

  6. RH makes his decisions based on a multitude of things. Team Moral, Sponsorship agreements & basic business dealing … If Kellogg’s was keen on Kyle, he would not have been released. RH couldn’t find anyone to take a chance on KB with their checkbook … that is the racing business….

  7. Kyle Busch is not losing any sleep over it all I guarantee it . I love hating on Kyle Busch too , because he is good at what he does , winning races at all costs .

    1. It was Hendrick Motors. Jr had a financial stake in the company.. I believe you are mistaking Jr for Kasey Kahn.

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