Kyle Larson Daytona Road course

What cost Kyle Larson a chance to win the Daytona Road course?

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Kyle Larson felt that he was in a good position to win the race at Daytona Road course but a mistake cost him the chance to win.

After a top-10 finish in Daytona 500, his first Cup Series race since last April, Larson was gearing up to notch his first Cup Series victory this season in the Daytona road course. But he spun off the track and went into the tires’ barrier, putting him out of running for the win.

Speaking after the race, Larson reflected on his mistake. He said:

“It took five or seven laps to get comfortable on the track, but even after that you’re inching up on your braking zones. I think halfway through the first stage I was in a good spot with being comfortable with the race track.

“I made some decent passes and we made the car better. We were in a great position to win but made a mistake that cost us a chance to win.

“I just drove in really far and probably got a little wheel hop. I just carried too much speed and backed it into the tire barrier. I just got overly aggressive.”

At one point of the race, Larson was running in third behind Christopher Bell and Joey Logano. However, after his mistake, Larson finished in the 30th position.

It would have been a great start to Larson’s comeback year in NASCAR, but he will surely get more chances to reduce those mistakes and go for the win in the 2021 season.

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