Kyle and Kurt Busch

The incident that led to Kyle and Kurt Busch not speaking to each other for a year

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The collision between Kyle and Kurt Busch in the 2007 All-Star race was the one that the two brothers took time to swallow.

With a million dollars on the line, both the drivers were vying hard to win the race. After coming from behind Kurt’s car, Kyle went side-by-side with his brother. But the two cars came in contact with each other leading to a wreck.

Recollecting the incident after more than a decade, Kurt said:  

“It’s all about a million bucks. A million dollars for the winner. There’s all that slang and talk, and trash talk about how you would wreck your own mom to win a million bucks.”

While Kurt has tried to lay the blame on his brother for trying to force himself into the small space, Kyle did not take this accusation lightly. The on-track incident ended up being sour and affected their personal relationship too.

“He says there was not enough room there. The fact of the matter was I got there so there was enough room there,”

“After that I was pissed. We didn’t talk the whole rest of the year… I didn’t care.”

As a big brother, Kurt said that he didn’t want to leave his stance on how the race went. For someone seven years younger than him, Kurt thought that his brother had a long way to go in understanding things.

“It was me still trying to hold my ground as the older brother, and (saying) ‘you still have more to learn’. He, of course, like any little brother, has ‘little brother syndrome’ – I’m going to do everything faster, quicker, and better than you,” Kurt explained.

However, with the passage of time, Kyle revealed that Kurt has come to admit that it was his fault that led to the wreck.

“He wrecked me, he finally admitted that just two years ago. Finally admitted it. I called him out on it and he admitted he wrecked me,” Kyle added.

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